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Small businesses have unique fire and security requirements. Whether it’s a jewellery store or a startup, a limited but powerful solution can help you secure your interests better. eZONE works with small businesses spread across single or multiple locations and to build a more secure environment.

“Protecting life and Property”

Our detection of fire and alarm systems is critical to protecting your employees, customers and business assets. Whether it is a stand- alone system comprising of just a few detectors or a larger system linked to a fire panel, we can design a solution to suit your requirements.

Fire Detection Systems

  • Successfully designed and implemented appropriate Fire Safety systems for locations with people, warehouses, retail stores and other high net-worth premises.
  • Addressable or Non-addressable fire alarm systems… our detection systems are designed and installed in accordance with local and national fire codes, and can be monitored around the clock.
  • Integrating to other systems like Access Control, Voice Evacuation, etc., in situation of high-ceilings, high-rise, and amongst strict fire codes of NFPA / NBC / FM

Fire Suppression Systems

  • Higher safety regulations being implemented by the government; products such as Fire Detectors, Sprinklers, Extinguishers, Alarms. From one fire sensor to fifty or more, we can provide a solution that suits.
  • Either it be fire extinguisher, water based or aerosol based suppression systems… we have the appropriate solutions to address your needed.
  • We have successfully commissioned Aerosol systems at several notable large clients for their Electrical Rooms, malls, offices, and many more…

Experience and expertise

  • Innovations in the sensor networks, increasing rules and mandatory standards, and improved HMI solutions are the huge opportunities for the higher growth of the FPS market
  • We can help reduce your risk and help prevent fire damage. We can derive design based on various standards and by qualified and certified experts.
  • Qualified and certified installation teams
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