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Small businesses have unique fire and security requirements. Whether it’s a jewellery store or a startup, a limited but powerful solution can help you secure your interests better. eZONE works with small businesses spread across single or multiple locations and to build a more secure environment.

“Your Eye in the Sky… and get full control…”

Surveillance is the monitoring of the behavior, activities, or other changing information, usually of people for the purpose of influencing, managing, directing, or protecting them. Video camera systems can be designed for on wide variety of applications, so they provide undisputed evidence. Keep control of who accesses your premises with our access control systems. With card, biometric and entrance control solutions, you can restrict access to people who don’t belong there. For larger campuses, we create a wider and more integrated access control solution with additional security features such as boom barriers, bollards and other implements.

CCTV Surveillance

  • We have implemented thousands of Video Surveillance systems across various domains, keeping in mind the core need – surveillance and undisputed evidence.
  • We can offer high megapixel IP CCTV system that is connected to a highly reliable Linux based NVR box with SCSI storage. Based on your requirement, basic analog CCTV systems may be a solution.
  • Weather you are an IT company or a Jewelry Store, a mall or a retail store… we have CCTV solutions that fit your exact needs. Whatever the requirement, we provide reliable solution…

Access Control and Time Attendance

  • We can design and implement access control systems for multiple doors across multi-locations integrated on to a single server.
  • Monitor your employee attendance and manage access across the business. This is the best way to prevent an incident from occurring
  • 24x7/365 days a year we can bring solutions that keep working for you.

Video Evidence with Reports

  • Weather you are an Office Space or a Jewelry Store or a mall or a Retail Store; you will have your eye in the sky and view on your mobile.
  • We design Storage and retrieval solution based on your requirements. This can be as a workforce monitoring based and also for evidence documentation.
  • We can provide access to reports based on the business requirements.
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