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Always keep your guard up with eZONE’s solutions for residences of all scale. From single homes to gated communities to residential towers, we work with homeowners and developers at every level. We bring our proven track record of protecting some of the biggest names in India to create a residential security solution that fits into your needs and budgets.

Improve security with intrusion alarms

Stay secure with our 24x7 intrusion alarms and monitoring systems. We install motion detectors, door & window contact sensors and other intrusion detection devices on your premises. Additionally, we offer extended 24x7 intrusion monitoring from our facility to instantly alert and check on you in case of an intrusion.

Fire Detection Systems

  • We have successfully installed Fire Safety systems for locations with people and sensitive assets to homes, retail stores and other high net-worth premises like banks and cash lockers.
  • Addressable or Non-addressable fire alarm systems… our detection systems are designed and installed in accordance with local and national fire codes, and can be monitored around the clock.
  • Integrating to other systems like Intrusion Alarm, Access Control, Voice Evacuation, etc., in situation of individual homes, high-ceilings, high-rise apartment complex, etc.,

Fire Suppression - Extinguishers

  • Fire Extinguishers are a must have, for every household kitchen.
  • Should it be fire extinguisher, water based suppression or aerosol based suppression systems for electrical rooms… we have the appropriate solutions to address your needed.
  • Household extinguisher is labeled A, B, or C, which tells you the types of fire the extinguisher, is effective against. A is ordinary combustibles like wood, paper, and cloth; B is flammable liquids, such as gasoline or cooking oil; and C is live electricity.
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