Security and monitoring system for a commercial building with more than 200 offices across 14 floors


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Security and monitoring system for a commercial building with more than 200 offices across 14 floors:

Managing a large commercial space with sensitive businesses requires a complex security solution. eZONE provided a comprehensive BMS solution for fire, security, automation and surveillance across 14 floors for a commercial building that is home to leading organizations.


  • Running a robust network and monitoring system within a structure such as this where each floor measures 7 lakh Sq.
  • Monitoring general and specific areas of the entire building and integrating individual office’s monitoring systems with the main monitoring system.
  • Linking back the fire safety, security and lift monitoring system to a data centre that has uninterrupted connectivity with all the security nodes 24×7.
  • Implementing stringent safety and security measures of a multi-level nature as per Microsoft standards.


  • In adherence with Microsoft standards, a 4-level security structure has been implemented in the building. The security arrangement includes:
  • Road blockers at the gate for vehicles that are released after verification by security personnel in this manually operated access control mechanism.
  • At the building entry, the visitor encounters a turnstile installation that verifies access ID card of the person, and lets only a single person to pass the gate upon authentication. So no tailgating occurs.
  • The next level is where the visitor encounters an RFID access authentication based mantrap mechanism with single person entry verification to prevent tailgating.
  • The final verification is made with access card check and lets the visitor to enter the specific area of the building he/she is authorized to enter.
  • Implementation of metal door frame detectors at entry points with accurate metal sensors to detect metal items.
  • Extremely elaborate wiring mechanism and network structuring with a scalable format that can easily be integrated with internal network implementation of individual office houses.
  • Central monitoring at a well maintained data centre for IP CCTV, active 24×7.
  • Regular maintenance and verification of security implementations like fire alarms, smoke detectors, sprinklers and hydrant systems and fire aspiration systems in a phased manner, periodically.


The project has been commissioned and we continue to maintain the site along with operators in BMS. We now have proven instances of our successful and consistent security solution implementations that are recognised and patronized by big names in the commercial arena.

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