Provision of Safety & Security solutions for a hospital with 14 floors (each floor 50,000 Sq. Ft.)


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Provision of Safety & Security solutions for a hospital  with 14 floors (each floor 50,000 Sq. Ft.): 

Part of a chain of hospitals with 16 hospitals in 9 cities across 7 states of India with a total bed capacity of 2400, making it the fourth largest hospital chain in India the hospital is a multi-specialty healthcare. Around 40% of its bed capacity is in Hyderabad.


  • The hospital has about thousand beds in different sections, many of which are occupied by patients who need assistance to move or are completely immobile.
  • Any event needing immediate attention and resolution like a fire break out or a security incident occuring in any section of such a big space should be monitored, detected and resolved in the shortest time possible.
  • The visitor footfall and the staff presence amounts to a huge population of the hospital at any given time.
  • These individuals have to be monitored for security reasons and in eventualities such as fire, the individuals have to be directed to the right evacuation exits.
  • There should be early detection of the threat that shall help in minimizing the impact of the emergency.
  • In critical areas like ICU and operation theatres and in all other areas with patient presence, uninterrupted power and water should be made available.
  • The air conditioning system, critical in areas like medicine storage and elevators, necessary for smooth patient transport, should be able to run continuously, 24×7 across all departments in the hospital. These facilities run in multiple sections of the hospital in parallel.
  • Adopting appropriate fire fighting methods in different areas; operative, habitative, medical storage, technical rooms, etc.


  • Extensive and integrated IP CCTV implementation at 200 points within the hospital that is perfectly planned, designed and implemented for easy tracking and monitoring.
  • Installation of over 200 multisensory detectors and sensors (for smoke, heat and fire) in all patient-centric rooms, administrative areas and technical areas, that provide early warning about the unfolding dangers.
  • Installing fire, public address, voice evacuation and integrating these warning mechanism to alarm systems with the sole purpose of crowd management in the case of an evacuation, with the assistance of CCTV monitoring.
  • Installation of 200 fire alarm and sprinkler units across the hospital building ensuring complete coverage.
  • Implementation of Building Automation Systems (BAS) that run through entire wards and administrative areas of the hospital, providing an overall monitoring and control mechanism.
  • Installation of fire aspiration systems in IT equipment rooms and operative rooms with medical monitoring equipment in 25 locations of the hospital.

We are capable of planning, implementing and maintaining state-of-the art, robust safety and security systems that suit such a complex and varied structure with very critical locations i.e. patient wards, ICUs and operating theatres.

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